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I sold my side project! (and July updates)

Tony Dinh
Tony Dinh
Hello everyone, it’s me, Tony 👋
This month has been very special, just want to quickly send an update to you all.
💰 I sold on Micro Acquire
This is a project I have been working on since April-May 2021. I recently posted the product to MicroAcquire. Within 48 hrs, I confirmed a deal with a buyer. After 10 days, the deal is closed!
Some quick numbers about stats:
  • 239 scans
  • 164 users
  • $53 revenue
  • $40/year for domain
  • $60/year for server
Deal amount: $1,800
This is not a lot of money (far from it), however, I learned a lot from the selling process on MicroAquire. I wrote a lengthy thread about it below. Check it out if you are interested! 👇
Tony Dinh 🎯
I sold one of my side projects: DriveStats! 💰

Just want to drop a quick note to share about the full process of selling, the "pitch deck", and the $$$ amount. 👇🧵
🏆 #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt!
I decided to launch the Real-time Banner on Product Hunt. With a lot of help from you all, we made it to #1 Product of the Day and #4 Product of the Week!
This is the first time ever I have a product landed at the top 1 spot. It’s been a very special experience! Overall, here is the “impact”:
  • 👁️ 5.36k website visits
  • 👥 +968 registered users
  • 🙋‍♀️ +440 new active users
  • 💳 +12 new paid customers
  • 💵 +$72 MRR
  • 💌 Featured in the Product Hunt’s newsletter (daily and weekly)
This is the 3rd product I launched this year on Product Hunt, and it gets better every time! I wrote a quick thread sharing my learnings in building and launching a product in public on Twitter, check it out if you haven’t seen it yet:
Tony Dinh 🎯
I launched 3 products on Product Hunt this year.

I have figured out THE way to get to #1 on @ProductHunt! (I think)

Here is how you can do the same, in 4 steps:

💡 This month’s inspiration for your product ideas
You don’t have to be a Machine Learning Engineer to build an AI app.
With Open AI, you can leverage the power of GPT-3 and build apps around it without having to understand how neural networks or machine learning works. Yes, that’s right.
It will be soon a general technology that every developer can use, so now is the best time for you to catch the wave! I have requested and was granted to the private beta API, it blew my mind on the AI’s capability. I encourage you to do the same too!
Tony Dinh 🎯

I asked GPT-3 to draw a circle in p5.js, it spits out code that actually WORKS! 🤯🤯🤯
The Open AI team is likely to approve your application if you have a specific app you want to build in mind, so come prepared!
The best way to find an idea is to read through their documentation and examples, it will give you the best understanding of what the AI can and cannot do.
Below are some of the successful indie products I know that are using Open AI, for your inspiration:
  • Copy.AI: help users with marketing copy. By Paul and Chris. Making 💵 $140k MRR(!!)
  • help users with blog posts, landing pages, and ad copy. By Nick. Making 💵 $2.3k MRR.
Good luck with your idea!
📈 July 2021 Stats & Revenue
How much did I make from all of my side projects in July 2021?
Some more stats from BlackMagic:
  • 1,960 active users
  • 804 Real-time Banner users
  • 1,402 Profile Progress Bar users
  • 194 Sleep Indicator users
That’s all I have…
…for now!
How do you like this month’s issue? Let me know!
Until next time! 👊
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Tony Dinh
Tony Dinh @tdinh_me

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