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Tony Dinh
Tony Dinh
Hi there, it’s Tony here. 👊
Hope you had a great week!
Just want to throw some quick updates about things I’ve been working on.
🎉 Real-time banner is open for beta testers!
I have released the beta version of the real-time banner! 👉
Tony Dinh 🎯
Inviting beta testers for the Twitter Real-time Banner tool! 🥳

What is a "Real-time banner"? Check my banner for an example. It updates in real-time, and it's fun!

For now, it has limited templates and widgets. But I'll add more soon!

Reply with 👋 to join the beta!
Still testing it. For now, you can show emojis on your banner (like mine!).
Soon I’ll add more widgets, like recent followers, bitcoin price charts, dynamic text, more templates, and backgrounds. Stay tuned!
✨ New update for DevUtils
I’m trying to keep pushing out 1 update every month for DevUtils. In this release, I added the JSON path query to the JSON Format/Validate tool. I really like it!
If you haven’t upgraded yet, upgrade now! See the full changelog here.
❤️ How to get engagement on Twitter
If you are a developer, you have huge leverage! Use your coding skill with some creativity to create something cool. Like this physic simulation I did with my Twitter banner.
Tony Dinh 🎯
When you like my tweets, you throw a heart into my banner...
I shared the source code for this on my GitHub. The physic is all done by a very popular JavaScript library matter.js. Check it out!
💤 Show “zZZ” on your Twitter when you are sleeping?
110 people are using Sleep Indicator on Black Magic. I released this to the public a while ago, so you can use this too!
Tony Dinh 🎯
Show "zZZ" on your profile pic when you are sleeping?

Sleep Indicator is now released for everyone! 📢

Just go to and set your sleep hours!

This tool is FREE!

I'll consider adding a paid plan (maybe with customized icons?) if it get more traction 😂
🖼 How to find someone on Twitter when you only remember their profile pic?
I put up something quickly to solve this. You can use Black Magic to visualize all profile pics of people you follow (or follow you)!
Tony Dinh 🎯
Yesterday I wondered if there is a way to find someone I follow on Twitter that I only remember their profile pic.

Now Black Magic can show the profile pic of everyone I'm following so I can scan through it 🤣
📖 Learn something new every day
When I first started selling apps, I used to get confused a lot with Tax. I had no idea what’s the difference between Paddle vs Stripe, or what to do when a customer asks me “please send me my tax invoice”.
If you are like me, check out this thread I write about Stripe Tax. 👇
Tony Dinh 🎯
Stripe just introduced Stripe Tax. But what does it mean for indie devs?

I used to get confused with tax a lot when I first started selling online (still now, but a bit better).

Let me explain how Stripe Tax affects you as an indie dev:
🤑 June 2021 Stats & Revenue
How much did I make from all of my side projects in June 2021?
Some more interesting stats from Black Magic:
  • 110 people are using Sleep Indicator
  • 1,105 people are using Profile Progress Bar
  • 54 people are using Real-time banner
That’s all I have…
…for now!
This is the first time ever I run a newsletter. How did I do? Do you like it? Let me know!
Until next time! 👊
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Tony Dinh
Tony Dinh @tdinh_me

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